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Fleet Maintenance in Long Beach, CA

At Long Beach Truck Repair Center of Long Beach, CA, our goal is to provide your fleet with top quality service at a reasonable cost.

We take great pride in the fact that our highly skilled technicians have been with us for many years. This means when your vehicle comes to our facility it is being repaired by a professional who is familiar with its history and requirements. Let us take the stress out of maintaining a fleet and make sure your truck is on the road when it should be.

So if you are a fleet owner, a transport manager or an owner operator please take the time to call us and see how we can help you stay on the road and out of the repair shop.

Whether it's an oil change or an engine overhaul. A clutch replacement or your A/C isn`t working. Have that annoying brake noise checked out, or have your steering alignment adjusted, We can help!

our state-of-the-art shop is ready to serve all your fleet maintenance, motorhomes & truck repairs

remember, no truck is too small and no job is too big!